Hi cailíní, 😊

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! ☀🤸‍♀️ I am so proud of you all for your amazing work and motivation! You are super!! Don’t forget that you can always contact me on Seesaw if you need anything or have any questions. I love hearing from you and miss you all very much!! 😊

This week is a short week in terms of school work (yay!!). On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be fun independent activities for you to explore, so check out the class blog on those days. I will post these activities on Monday evening for you. Don’t forget to also stay active during the week!! 🏃‍♀️🚶‍♀️🤸‍♀️🕺

*On Wednesday, your grown up will be collecting the items you had left in school. They will also be returning the school books you currently have in your home, that are school property. Some of these books might already be in school. You will find the list of books below; 😊

  • Busy at Maths
  • Busy at Maths Shadow Book (may be in the classroom already)
  • Upside Down World (English book)
  • Grow in Love (may be in the classroom already)
  • Any SESE book (History/Geog/Science) (may be in the classroom already)
  • Novel; Wreck of the Zanzibar
  • Any class/school library books

Have a fantastic week!! 😁🌻🌷🌼


Hope you all had a super and active sports day on Friday!! If any of you have any photos from your sports day that you’d like to share with me on Seesaw, I’d love to hear how you got on. 😊 Remember, it’s important to stay active, even going for a walk/jog or dancing and playing outside is great! 🏃‍♀️🚶‍♀️🕺

Below is the work for this week. Déan do dhícheall (do your best). If you haven’t managed to get hold of a protractor or compass for some of the activities in Pie Charts, please don’t worry about it. Just do the other activities and if you manage to get hold of them at a later date, then you can go back to those questions. 😊

Have a super week and don’t forget to check Seesaw daily for support and activities. I love seeing your fantastic work too!! 😁🌻🌷🌼

http://www.askaboutireland.ie/learning-zone/primary-students/5th-+-6th-class/history/history-the-full-story/ireland-in-the-19th-centu/the-great-famine-an-gorta/ (great website on The Famine)

https://juniorcerthistory.net/2nd-year/industrial-revolution/the-famine/ (some interesting videos on The Famine)


Happy June!!☀ Hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend and had lots of fun in the sun!! 😎 This week is only a short, 3 day week, as Friday is SPORTS DAY (YAY!!) Check out the class blog and Seesaw on Friday for lots of fun activities and be as active as possible! 🤸‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Try your best with the work set out for you, paying special attention to the instructions and also the support/activities on Seesaw. I love hearing from you on Seesaw and miss you all very much!!

Have a super week!!🌼🌷🌻


Well done on a fantastic week of distance learning, you should be very proud of yourselves!! I really enjoy hearing from you on Seesaw!! Have a wonderful and well-deserved bank holiday weekend and enjoy that glorious sunshine!! Talk to you again on Tuesday. 👏😁☀😎☀🌼


Hope you had a fantastic weekend!! 🌤🌻 Try your best with the work set out for you and stick to a routine as much as possible with busy breaks. Don’t forget to check Seesaw daily for support material, activities and resources, especially for maths as this week’s maths is quite tricky. Just do what you can and if something is too difficult, please don’t worry, just skip it and move onto the next question. 😊

Have a great week!! ☀🌻🌷🌼😎


Hope you all had a great weekend!! It’s been so lovely hearing from you on Seesaw and seeing some of your work. Keep up the excellent work you’ve been doing! 👏

Try your best with this week’s work below. Just do what you can as I know everyone is different and some days are better than others. Remember to correct your maths each morning from the previous day before moving onto that day’s maths work. If you get any questions incorrect, try and figure out where you went wrong. Don’t forget to check Seesaw daily for support material, activities and resources. 😁

Have a great week!! 🌻🌷🌼

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!☀ Below is the work for this week. Keep an eye on Seesaw daily for resources and guidance under the ‘Activities’ section. Below are the answers to last week’s Abair Liom too as I forgot to upload them on Friday, sorry! 😊

This week in maths we are starting ‘The Circle’ pg. 148-151. If you haven’t managed to get hold of a protractor or compass for some of the activities in this chapter, please don’t worry about it. Just do the other activities and if you manage to get hold of them at a later date, then you can go back and complete those activities. 😊


Hi cailíní,

Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing bank holiday in that glorious sunshine!! Below is the work for this week. Reminder that there will be guidance for mainly maths and Gaeilge on Seesaw during the week under ‘Activities’ as well as some other enjoyable activities, so keep an eye on Seesaw daily.

We will also now be posting the maths answers to each page the next morning so that you can correct that page before moving onto the next page. So for example, on Wednesday morning you can correct your answers from Tuesday’s page before starting Wednesday’s work. This will help you know if you are on the right track. You will find these answers on my class blog under my new ‘Maths answers blog‘ and also on Seesaw.

Next week (May 11th – 16th) we will be starting a new maths chapter, The Circle’. For this chapter you will need a maths set with a protractor and a compass to complete some of the activities. Hopefully you will be able to get hold of these items before we start the chapter. If you can’t get hold of them, please do not worry, just skip the activities that require them.



Hi ladies, 🙂

I am very proud of all the hard work you’ve been doing!! These are certainly challenging times and you are an absolute credit to yourselves!!

Here are the answers to this week’s Mental Maths (week 27) and Capacity chapter pg. 170-173 and also the Gaeilge. Take your time when correcting. If possible use a red pen like we do in class. I’ve put the answers on Seesaw too, which I’ll be doing from now on. Throughout each week there will also be support (mainly for maths and Gaeilge) on Seesaw under “activities” as a lot of you have already seen. 🙂

Have a great weekend and enjoy the bank holiday. Chat to you again on Tuesday. Take care and stay safe! 🙂


Hi cailíní, 🙂

Hope everyone is well! It was great seeing more of you on Seesaw recently. During this coming week, it would be brilliant if you could upload one piece of maths work, English work and Gaeilge work and one other piece from another subject of your choice. Your English piece of work could even be a recording of yourself reading a short piece of text such as a poem for me to listen to. 🙂

I will also be putting up some maths guidance on Seesaw throughout the week under ‘Activities’ so keep an eye on this on a daily basis. For the Gaeilge please use the Caitheamh Aimsire help sheet below and also Abair Liom online where you’ll be able to listen to the text/comhrá etc. for pronunciation.

Below is the work set out for you for this week with the links to resources. Remember to work neatly, stay organised, try your best and take busy breaks. Don’t forget to self-assess your work, checking for COPS (capital letters, organisation, punctuation and spelling). I will post the answers to maths and Gaeilge on Friday.

https://www.scoilnet.ie/pdst/physlit/beyond/ (active week at home)


https://youtu.be/hmtzQXinCWw (video clip on Swallows)



I look forward to hearing from you on Seesaw during the week.

Take care and stay safe,

Ms McManus 🙂


Hi cailíní, 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoy the weekend. Seesaw (an educational online learning app) was set up earlier in the week with details sent to your parent’s email. It was great hearing from those who sent a few photos of their work on it. Next week it would be great if you could send me the last page of your handwriting book which you have completed so I can see how you’re getting on. Below are the answers to this week’s maths 3D shapes chapter and Gaeilge pages. Take your time when correcting your work. I’ll put them on Seesaw too. 

Have a great weekend! Take care,

Ms McManus 🙂

Hi cailíní, 🙂

Hope you all had a relaxing, enjoyable Easter break and filled up on loads of delicious chocolate!! I know these can be difficult times and I miss you all. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. I will be in contact with you again soon so please keep an eye out.

Below is the work for the week, set out day by day. Please try your best with it. I know everyone works at a different pace and everybody’s circumstances are different. I will post the answers to the maths and Gaeilge on Friday.


  1. Stay organised and present your work neatly!
  2. If you find something too hard, move on to something else and try come back to it later. If you still cannot do it, don’t worry about it.
  3. Self-assess your work. Give yourself a smiley face at the end of the page if you have done your best 🙂
  4. Take breaks – have a snack, do some go noodle or get some fresh air.

School closure work week 4 Ms McManus                    School closure work week 4 Ms McManus (PDF version)

I’ve assigned Mangahigh 3D shapes activities as an option. Log in details were sent before the break to parent’s email.

CJ Fallon have made all their Busy at Maths online tutorials and interactive games FREE to all teachers, parents and pupils. Just visit http://my.cjfallon.ie, click ‘Student Resources’, then filter to the class and interactive that you require. There are online tutorials and videos which run alongside many of the pages in your Busy at Maths book. Pg. 161-165 for 3-D shapes.

Also, here’s a link to RTE learning hub if you would like to explore it as an option.  https://www.rte.ie/learn/

https://www.rte.ie/learn/2020/0403/1128303-5th-and-6th-class-maths-long-division/ (long division revision)

It would be great if you could email me some of your work, I would love to see how you’re getting on.  This could be work you are particularly proud of or something you’d like some feedback on. The email address is schoolclosure5thclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie and please put my name in the subject box.

I’ve posted any new links which are on the school work document below as well. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing any of them;

Eng; wreck of the zanzibar vocab                             Wreck_Zanzibar comprehension questions

Math; 3-D shapes properties     3d-shapes-powerpoint        everyday-3d-shapes-powerpoint-        Nets of 3D shapes

Gaeilge;  Scoileanna leis na blianta help (Abair Liom help)

Science;   Lava Lamp              Spring-birds-scavenger-hunt-activity                 nature-walk-scavenger-hunt

SPHE & RE;   WWB-At_home_with_WWB_Journal_for_Kids             daily-kind-act-ideas     Our-Lady-in-May-prayer-booklet

Art; Flower Drawing Actvity Sheet                   Flower Photo Pack

Tables; Mixed Multiplication and Division board game            Tables Quiz                  Tables Quiz Answers

Other optional activities; 3d-shape-stick-challenge-cards         Dodecahedron-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet           parts-of-a-3d-shape-printable             Design-a-Kit-For-Katie-Taylor-Activity-Sheet    Interviewing-Your-Sporting-Hero-Writing-Template        Mindfulness-Acrostic-Poem         Space-Crossword          Synonyms-of-Verbs

Take care and stay safe,

Ms. McManus 🙂


Hope everyone is well and has a lovely Easter!! I know you must be really missing school and your friends. Hopefully we will be back together soon!

There’ll be no schoolwork over the Easter break but please continue helping out at home, playing lots of games, being creative and staying active as much as possible. You can of course, if you wish, use some of the online resources I have recently suggested such as Gonoodle, Joe Wick’s youtube exercises, the online maths activities on Mangahigh and the other online websites under the different subject headings on my class blog. There are also Religion resources and links under the Religion section of the school website (along the top of the screen) so that you can catch Easter Sunday Mass if you or your family would like that.

If you would like to email me some of your work (maybe three pieces?), I would be delighted to see them. This could be work you are particularly proud of or something you’d like some feedback on. The email address is schoolclosure5thclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie and please put my name in the subject box.

Look after yourselves over the Easter break and be helpful and kind as always! You’ll have lots of time to fill up on delicious Easter eggs. Looking forward to seeing you all again! 🙂

Here are the answers to the Busy at Maths Area chapter and Mental Maths week 25. I’ve also linked some reminders and guidance for the Gaeilge verbs. Remember, don’t worry if you found something difficult, your best effort is what counts.

Gaeilge verbs guidance

Busy at Maths Area AND Mental Maths answers (PDF version)

Busy at Maths Area AND Mental Maths answers


Happy Monday! Hope you and your family are well! Looking forward to seeing you all again. I miss you all and am very proud of you!! Try your best (déan do dhícheall) with the work below which has been set out day by day for you. If you find something too difficult, don’t worry about it, just give it your best effort. Remember to lay out your work carefully and neatly as you do in class and take your time. Find yourself a comfortable working space and stay organised. The time frames I’ve given are only a guidance as I know everyone works at different paces and that’s ok! Take regular busy breaks throughout the day.

Also, I would like you to self-assess your work as you go, using smiley faces; give yourself a 🙂 if you feel like you’ve made a great effort.

Week 3 work; School-Closure-Work-Ms-McManus Week 3 (word document)

School-Closure-Work-Ms-McManus Week 3 (PDF version)

I’ve put any powerpoints from the document here too in case they don’t open for you;

Easter-Around-the-World-PowerPoint            symbols-of-the-holy-spirit-information

Easter-Comprehension              Children in ww2                   The allies and the axis

I hope you all have a good week!! Make sure to stay safe, keep up all your hard work, help out at home, play lots of games and be kind!!

Take care,

Ms McManus 🙂

Here are the answers to Mental Maths week 24 and to the Busy at Maths weight chapter pg. 135-139. Use a pen to correct and try and figure out where you went wrong with any incorrect answers. Have a great weekend!! 🙂

Busy at maths weight answers


Hope everyone is well and hope to see you all soon!! Please remember to help out at home and be kind! 🌻

If you have completed the Busy at Maths weight chapter, then you can give these long division sums a go. Check the answers after (on the second photo) and if you found it difficult, go back to the maths blog and re-watch the video I put up. Don’t forget your workings and layout in your maths copy is as important as the answer! Continue with your mental maths each day and practise your tables (quiz yourself).

ABAIR LIOM: ☘️ There are many online resources linked to our Abair Liom on the Folens website; https://www.folensonline.ie/

If the girls have access to an iPad or computer there’s plenty of online games to keep them going.

– Parent/adult sets themselves up as teachers with their own username, password and enter Prim20 as the school roll number.

– Search Abair liom G (5th class)

– Select resources.

– Select resource type Gníomhaíochtaí agus Cluichí for interactive games.

During this week also have some fun with creative writing. You all have great imaginations and writing skills, so put these into action over the next while. Proofread your own work after and see if you can spot and correct any mistakes, such as punctuation, capital letters and spellings. Read/perform your creations to your family. 📝🎤
Here are some ideas;
Accrostic poem, limerick, rap, song, letter, invitation, postcard, diary entry, creative story, recipe, factual report on an animal or event etc.

I hope we are also remembering to be helpful around the house and are showing kindness to everyone at home. Don’t forget to be extra nice to our moms this weekend – Use your creativity to make a special Mother’s Day card, a song/poem or do a random act of kindness to show how much we appreciate all their hard work! 💕

Here are the answers to Mental Maths week 23 which you should have completed by today.

Here are the answers to the first 3 pages of the Weights chapter (pg. 135-137). If you haven’t gotten as far as 137, don’t worry you still have until next Friday to complete the chapter pg. 135-139. If you get any of the questions incorrect, try and figure out where you went wrong. 🙂


Hi gach duine,

Hope the home learning is going well and you all had a lovely Saint Patrick’s Day! ☘️ Remember to take busy breaks and try keep to a routine over the next couple of weeks. I will be posting the answers to Mental Maths and Busy at Maths on Friday so you can self-assess how you’re getting on so far. You have until next Friday (March 27th) to complete the work I’ve put up so far so make sure you pace yourselves.

Here are some powerpoints on Saint Patrick and Ireland. See if you can create a quiz and quiz your family 🙂



Also – here’s an optional link to the BBC website that teaches you how to touch type. 🙂



Hi cailíní,

Due to school closures until March 29th, we have linked below some work to be completed over the two weeks. Remember that your layout (steps) for maths is as important as the answer. Find yourself a comfortable work space and try to stay organised! Give everything your very best effort! I’ll keep in contact with you over the blog. 🙂

English Jolly Phonics;

Page 47 – 51 (1 page per day). Look up the definitions of any words you don’t know the meaning of and record them in your English copy.


Unit 35 (Read pg 150-153, complete activities pg 154 & 155)


Continue reading the novel, December 8th & 9th chapters and answer the questions based on these chapters. The questions are still on the class blog.

Go with the Flow (Handwriting); Complete next 4 pages. Do a little bit everyday, focusing on neatness and letter formation. Take your time please! Remember we are working towards your Pen Licence!

Continue with your own personal reading, not forgetting to fill in your daily Reading Log! Reading aloud daily to an adult is very important.

Gaeilge Abair Liom Lch 54, 63, 74, 78, 79, 113, 120 & 121

Keep practising your phrases from the topics we have covered so far this year. They are at the back of your Abair Liom and also on the class blog.

Revise your past tense and present tense verbs on your glance card.

Maths Mental Maths – Week 23 & 24

Busy at Maths; Weight Chapter 25  pg. 135-139

Revise all of your tables. There are games/activities on the class blog as an option.

I will post the answers to your Mental Maths and Busy at Maths on this blog, so keep an eye out please.

SESE Complete a project on Poland (on paper or powerpoint). Ensure your layout and handwriting is neat! Your project must include:

–        Fact File

–        Physical features

–        Cities, towns

–        Culture

–        Food

–        Clothes

Here are some websites and powerpoint on Poland to get you started;

https://www.kiddle.co/ (search engine for children)

https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/poland/plland.htm (Poland map website)

https://www.funtrivia.com/en/Geography/Poland-4058.html (Poland map, questions website)



Poland Powerpoint

polish landmarks

Music Learn the following hymns off by heart: Joy for all the Earth, Cloud’s Veil, A Mhuire Mháthair, Lamb of God, Song of Confirmation, Come Holy Spirit, Holy Holy, Gather Round.
PE 30 minute activity of your choice daily. Below are some example activities 🙂
ART Draw/Create some art of your choice. Be Creative! 😊

See you soon!

Ms. McManus

Active Homework Checklist

Do some stretches. Do a dance! Play a ball game How many jumping jacks can you do in 1min?
Practise skipping Balance on one foot and count to 50(then do the other) Practise your tables while jogging on the spot How many burpees can you do in 1min?
Make up a dance to your favourite song Draw hopscotch at home and play Skill practise: dribble a ball 50 times with your right hand (then with your left) How many hops can you do in 1min?
Long jump

Pick a starting point- try three times and see how far you can get

Crazy 8’s

-8 jumping jacks

-8 crazy shakes

– 8 high knees

-8scissor jumps

Skill practise:

Chest pass (to a person or the wall) 20 times

How long can you keep the ball off the ground? (be creative)
Play Simon Says

Get someone to play Simon Says giving you active instructions

Throw, clap and catch a ball. How many claps can you get? Skill practise:

Underhand pass- use your smelly socks and practise this pass when getting them into the wash basket

Crab walk. Try crab walking when you’re in your living room

Gonoodle is fantastic online tool and an account can be easily created!