The History Of Our School

Belgrove Senior Girls’ School first opened in our present building in 1969/70.
However, the origins of our school go back quite a bit further.

The original Clontarf National Schools for girls and boys were on Vernon
Avenue and opened in 1847. In 1940, the schools moved to Belgrove House,
the building which is now the home of Clontarf G.A.A. Club. At this time the
schools were officially titled St. John the Baptist National Schools, or Scoil
Eoin Baiste. The name Belgrove was colloquially adopted and, to this day, is
the name by which the schools are fondly known far and wide.

Throughout the years, Belgrove has gained an excellent reputation for its high
educational standards and the high level of achievement of its pupils.

The present-day staff and pupils aim to maintain this standard of excellence. In
this, we have the support of parents who take an active interest in the
education of their children.


Our aim here in Belgrove Senior Girls’ School is to help each child to achieve
her full potential. Together with her educational development, each child’s
personal, emotional and social development is our priority.

The building of each child’s self-esteem is of prime importance. We inculcate
in our pupils’ good behaviour patterns based on consideration, respect and
tolerance for others.

We place a strong focus on fair and balanced
communication as part of this behavioural model. We, as a school community,
reject harmful unbalanced interactions and we insist on respect for all. This
model encourages the development of empathy and assertiveness between all
members of our school community.

This includes not only student to student,
but staff to student, student to staff, staff to staff, parent to staff and staff to

We aim to maintain a safe and happy environment for our pupils, with a
positive atmosphere of encouragement and praise.

“Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí!”