This month, you are asked to do your first individual project of 3rd Class! It is due on Wednesday 20th October.

Last week we went on a Nature Walk to find Sycamore and Ash trees in our locality. We identified trees by looking at their leaves and their seeds. We used iPads in class to research the Ash and Sycamore.

  • Your project should be about 2 scrapbook pages in length (1 page per tree).
  • Write it in your own words (paraphrase). Don’t write anything that you don’t understand.
  • Use the project template below to guide you.
  • Present your information neatly.
  • Use your creativity and artistic skills, eg leaf and bark rubbings, sketches.

Here are some useful websites:


These links have been checked, but please ensure that your daughter is monitored when using the Internet.