Hello Ladies and welcome back to another week of school at home!

This week we have a new chapter with an old topic in maths – percentages! There’s a lot of work in Busy @ Maths, so you just do what you can, don’t feel that you have to finish every page. I’m also giving you a large topic in History – there’s a whole lot to listen to, but not a lot of writing to do. This topic is a good chance to work on your note-taking skills!!

I’m hoping to take delivery of a new microphone for my computer this week, so with a bit of luck (and some finger crossing), I’ll have improved my recordings on Seesaw in no time! 🤞🤞

Here’s the work for the week – all the additional stuff is up on Seesaw!!

Have a great week girls!!!😁😁

Ms. Carroll 🤗