Hi girls!


Welcome back – I hope you all had a good Easter break and are feeling well rested and ready to get back to some school work.

I’ve uploaded a Word document with a list of work day by day for the week. I’d really like if you could do the Maths, Gaeilge and English. If you can get to the rest of the subjects, great. If you can’t, that’s ok too. You just do your best and get done what you can. If you’re finding things a little too tricky, take a break and come back to it. If it’s still not working out for you, just do what you can.

Can I ask you to have a look at your completed work and think about how you did? Write me a comment on how you found it – are you a happy bunny or did you go a little wobbly? If possible, I would love if you could e-mail a picture of some of your work. Stay in touch if you can!

I know that this is an unusual way to be doing schoolwork – it feels very strange for me too! Hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon. If your grown-up hasn’t set up Abair Liom yet, they can go to FolensOnline.ie and register using an email address and the password ‘Prim20’. Search for Abair Liom 5th class and the chapter is ‘Ag an bpictiúrlann’. (There’s a filter option on the left hand side). Remember that your grown-ups can contact me at schoolclosurefifthclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie.

Take care ladies – chat soon,


Ms. Carroll 


Day – by – day work – Word Document

Week 20th April 2020



Other resources:


3d shape stick challenge cards parts of a 3d shape printable T-N-4750-Cone-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-2367-Dodecahedron-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-2242-Cylinder-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-2101-Heptagonal-Prism-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-387-Cube-Net-3d-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet






Our Lady in May prayer booklet





SESE (See what you can find – there’s some that you may not be able track down)

Spring Bird Nature Hunt Plants and Flowers Scavenger Hunt


Make a musical instrument


If you’re bored – here’s a few extra things that may keep your mind busy. It’s a pack of work designed for fifth class, and it’s purely optional!

An Teilifis, Bris an Cod Activity Sheets Commonly Misspelt Words 2 Word Search Counties of Ireland Car Registrations Matching Activity Design a Kit For Katie Taylor Activity Sheet European Landmarks Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity Footprint Mindfulness Colouring Pages Interviewing Your Sporting Hero Writing Template Investigating Lines of Symmetry Activity Sheet Mindfulness Acrostic Poem Narrative Planning Writing Template Narrative Story Planning Template Ordering Fractions Activity Sheet Space Crossword Synonyms of Verbs