Hi Ladies!

I’m sure you are missing the fun and laughter of Room 13! I know it’s not easy at the moment but I hope you and your families are all well and staying safe. We hope to be back together soon but in the meantime keep up all your hard work, and of course keep having lots of fun at home, with plenty of fresh air! Now is the best time to be creative and do more of the things you really enjoy! 🙂

Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks(The Body Coach TV), he has a Youtube Channel where he will be doing live workouts for everyone at home Monday-Friday at 9am. It’s a great way to wake up and start the day off!

I really hope you are managing the work I assigned for you, especially without the chat and discussions of the classroom. Remember to do a little bit at a time and ‘Déan do Dhícheall’.  Take plenty of movement breaks.

Don’t forget to find a nice working environment and keep everything neat and tidy, including your maths. Show your steps! 🙂

I have attached the Busy At Maths answers for Weight pg135-137 as well as the Mental Maths Answers for week 25. Click on the blue link at the end of my message.

You still have til Friday to finish the rest of the Weight chapter. Some of the problems are quite tricky so if you can’t do them all, it is quite OK. Please don’t worry. Correct the work like we do in school. If you get any incorrect, write a little note to yourself as to where you may have gone wrong. You could also do some baking or help with the cooking at home, using a scales to weigh out the ingredients correctly. Yum!

If you are finished the Weight Maths Chapter and you would like to do a little bit more, you could challenge yourself to try ‘A Quick Look Back 7’ p140.

I’m sure you are enjoying our new class novel ‘Wonder’. It may be hard to stick to reading just 6 pages a day! Try to read to p57 by this Friday 27th March.

ABAIR LIOM: Your parents can now set up their own Folens account to access the Abair Liom resources- our games and activities! They simply register as a teacher, with their own email and password and use Prim20 as their roll number! They could try this out if they wanted. It might make the ‘Aimsir’ chapter a little bit easier.

I’m sure you are being creative with your Geography projects. You can include as many of the topics as you want and if Geography is your ‘thing’ and you’re really enjoying the project work, you can choose to do both Holland AND Poland!

Keep up with your own reading every day also, play lots of games, keep active, be imaginative and most importantly stay creative! Be sure to help out as much as possible around the house too.

Hopefully we’ll be back having fun together soon!

Ms. Furness 🙂

Busy At Maths Answers Weight