Maths week 13th -20th October.

 This week is maths week! During this week the children are encouraged to recognise Maths in our daily lives and play games that involve mathematical concepts. In class this week we will be playing lots of fun games and solving a range of different problems. This week the girls are encouraged to use their maths eyes to find shapes, numbers, colours….etc in the environment.

Maths is everywhere so we encourage you to keep Maths Week going at home! Ask your daughter maths related questions in daily routines. Use the clock and calendar, count up how much the shopping list will cost, weigh ingredients or observe shapes around you. I have linked some websites where the girls can play maths related games-Maths is fun!

The websites below have been tried and tested but it is important when the girls are online that there is constant adult supervision. I have also linked below notes for parents on the various topics we are covering this year which explain the content of each topic and some activities you can do with your child at home.

Time activities; :  time on analogue and digital : time quiz : match digital to analogue times :  time websites; some are more challenging


Adding and subtracting activities; 

subtraction notes for parents : adding and subtracting games


Rounding and Estimating activities;

counting and numeration notes for parents : rounding to the nearest 10 activity  Estimating by rounding each number and then add (choose either + or – and level 1)

The maths week website also has some great information-


Keep an eye out for some of the exciting things we will be doing in room one this week- happy maths!

– Ms Duffy