The websites below have been tried and tested but it is vital when the girls are online that there is constant adult supervision. I will also continue adding more educational websites for maths so make sure to stay updated. Included below are notes for parents on the various topics we are covering this year which explain the content of each topic and some activities you can do with your child at home.

In second class the girls revise and learn; o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past times both on analogue and digital clocks. The time websites below will help reinforce this. If given an option in an activity, choose o’clock, half past and quarter times.

Time activities; : revise time on analogue and digital : time quiz : match digital to analogue times :  time websites; some are more challenging


Adding and subtracting activities; 

subtraction notes for parents : adding and subtracting games


Rounding and Estimating activities;

counting and numeration notes for parents : rounding to the nearest 10 activity  Estimating by rounding each number and then add (choose either + or – and level 1)


Fraction activities (halves and quarters);  : fraction ‘half’ game (choose half/not a half or quarter option)  Finding half of a set game  half and quarters game

Money activities  Lots of different money activities to practise using coins and calculating change.