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Tá Oíche Shamhna ag teacht!

Sponsored Walk : Friday, 24th October 2014

(Bí gléasta suas – be dressed up!)

Míle buíochas to the committee of our Parents’ Association for once again organising our sponsored walk. We intend leaving the school at 11.00am and the walk takes about 40 minutes. Come and join us please J Tá fáilte romhat.

Even though your daughter will be dressed for Hallowe’en, please ensure she has suitable clothing and footwear for the walk, including a rain jacket.

Buíochas mór to all who sponsored the girls. If you have not done so please return the sponsorship form and money to the Parents’ Association. Unused forms may also be returned.

Cumann na mBunscol

Comhghairdeas to our Gaelic Football Team on reaching the Semi-final of the Corn Austin Finn. On Wednesday 8th October our gallant team lined up in Clanna Gael, Ringsend against Hollypark N.S., Foxrock Our girls put up a huge battle! They did us proud both on and off the pitch against a very strong opposition. Unfortunately, despite all our best efforts, we lost by 4 points. Thank-you to all those who came to support us on the day. We wish Hollypark N.S. every success in the final. Táimid an bhrodúil as ár gcailíní J

Míle buíochas to Trish O’Connor and Áine O’Mahony for their support and help in training the GAA team. Míle buíochas freisin to Stephan Behan (Clontarf GAA – Gaelic Promotions Officer) to Ms. Brodie and Ms. McCarthy, for their help in organising the football and to the parents who helped out with lifts and jersey washing!

Primary Athletics

We participated in the North Dublin Primary Schools Annual Cross Country Competition, again this year. Over 120 girls, from 4th to 6th class, took part in the training sessions on the astro. 3 teams each from 4th,5th and 6th class completed the tough course on Wednesday 15th October in Portmarnock. Once again, we had wet and windy conditions agus bhíomar fliuch go craiceann! Comhghairdeas to our Team B 5th class – Ciara McGoldrick, Fiona McAdams, Róisín Quigley, Amy O’Boyle, Mary O’Sullivan and Keila Winters and Team A 6th class – Clarissa Jordan, Grace Marren, Emma Mason, Ruth Hanley, Nadine Deehan and Caoimhe Mulligan who both came runners up! GO BELGROVE! Buíochas mór do Ms. Nic Lughadha, Ms. Curtis and Ms. Furness for their help.

Brat Glas/Green School Flag 

The Green Girls have all been selected and there is a representative from each class on the committee. The girls are very good at discussing green issues in their class. As we are working on our Travel Flag, the Green Girls have been asked to design posters promoting walking, cycling or scooting to school. These posters will be displayed around the school. The Green School committee would encourage girls to walk, cycle or scoot to school as often as they can. If your child has any ideas about how to encourage this, she should tell her Green Girl or teacher! Bí glas!

Green School Committee

Múinteoir Rang Cailín Glas
Ms. DeBurca/Foley 2nd Lily Sweeney
Ms. Rowley(Ms. Pounch) 2nd Alice Carey
Ms. Egan 2nd Liv Foley
Ms. Carroll 3rd Sophie Nikookam
Mrs. O’Dea 3rd Lara Finnegan
Ms. Furness 3rd Cara Hayes
Mrs. Daly 4th Katie Mc Murray
Mrs. MacNamee 4th Olivia Byrne
Ms. Walshe 4th Aoife Kennedy
Ms. O’Connell 5th Fiona Mc Adams
Mrs. Joy 5th Tara Bell
Ms. Brodie 5th Lauren Middleton
Ms. O’Neill 6th Holly Delaney
Ms. McCarthy 6th Saoirse Creighton
Ms. Curtis 6th Susie O’ Reilly

Active Flag

We were granted our Active School Flag in June 2013. The Active School Flag recognizes schools promoting physical activity and physical education. This year we have a new Active Committee. Ná déan dearmad- ensure your daughter takes part in some form of physical activity each day! J

Active Flag Committee

Múinteoir Rang Cailín
Ms. O’Connell 5th Lucy Smith
Mrs. Joy 5th Isabelle Barr
Ms. Brodie 5th Aoibh McGuire
Ms. O’Neill 6th Molly Ennis
Ms. McCarthy 6th Caoimhe Mulligan
Ms. Curtis 6th Keeva Vickers 

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies has started again in many classes of the school – more will take place after the Hallowe’en Break. Senior Buddies from 5th / 6th class are paired with a Junior Buddy from 2nd/ 3rd class. They meet once or twice a week for 30 to 40 minutes. This programme lasts for 6 weeks approx. During this time, the pair discuss the book that the junior girl has chosen and the senior buddy will then listen to, and help scaffold the reading of their buddy. The girls have really enjoyed their sessions each week. Have a chat with your daughter and ask her to tell you what she does!

Donut Cushions! 

The girls will benefit from the donut cushions purchased for the library from your Voluntary Subscription – happy reading girls! Bí ag léamh J

donut cushions donut cushions 2








Maths Week 13th – 17th October

The 2nd and 3rd classes made the most of the fine weather and braved the elements on the not so fine days when they took maths out to the yard and the garden. They found shapes; counted cars, windows and trees; added and multiplied; estimated and measured, and finished off with a few lovely organic grapes – yum!

4th classes had fun with different activities:

  • They looked at nets and constructed 3-D shapes of triangular prisms, pentagonal prisms, pentagonal pyramids, hexagonal prisms and hexagonal pyramids.
  • They learnt how to play ‘Numero’ to help with practising tables
  • They played games on the topic ‘chance’, using vocabulary of uncertainty, chance, likely, unlikely, never and definitely
  • They made up problems which they had great fun solving in their maths groups

5th classes registered with Maths Week Ireland, and did activities from the Maths  Week website. Thank  you to George Humphrey, our guest mathematician, who spoke to the girls and challenged them in their mathematical thinking.

6th classes took part in an online math competition Manga High.

Reel Life Science

Ms. McCarthy’s 6th class have been working very hard on their science videos for the Reel Life Science competition. The 6th class girls researched their given topics and then worked together as a team to create these educational videos. The videos can be watched on the following link


6th Class Historical Tour

Our 6th classes will visit St. John the Baptist Graveyard, Clontarf on Friday 24th October where Denis McIntyre, a local historian will give the girls a tour.

Map My School

map my schoolIn May 2014, Ms. O’Connell’s and Mrs. Brodie’s 5th classes entered the OSI Map “My School” competition. The girls, with the help of their teachers, measured the entire Senior School and then mapped it to scale. It really was a wonderful project to undertake and helped with mathematical and mapping skills. The school received a Certificate of Cartographic Excellence from OSI. This is displayed on the notice board in the corridor along with the maps the girls made.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Team continues to be in a position to offer in-class maths support to some classes in the school. We also have in-class support for English. Children will continue to be withdrawn if their needs require it. This is in line with the DES staged approach to Assessment, Identification and Programme Planning- Circular SP ED 02/05: Appendix 3.

Extra Costs

Sincere thanks to all parents who have paid the Booklist Extra Costs so promptly. Some Extra Costs payments are still outstanding and I urge anyone who has not paid these costs yet to try to do so as soon as possible. The total for Extra Costs is €100.00

If by chance your financial circumstances have changed to such an extent that you have a problem regarding this payment, please talk to your daughter’s Class Teacher or to myself. 

Voluntary Contributions

On behalf of the Board of Management of the school, I sincerely thank those parents who have also given the Voluntary Contribution to school funds. You will receive an official receipt for this in due course. In the October Budget 2014 there was a further cut of 1% to the Capitation Grant, so your contribution is vital to the running of the school.

The Voluntary Contribution requested is €75 (or €100 per family).

Budget 2015

  • A further 1% decrease in Capitation Grants (Operational Costs), which originated in Budget 2012 will proceed. Primary schools are funded on the basis of the number of pupils on roll which next year will amount to €170 per child. The equivalent figure was €173 last year, €176 in 2012 and €200 in 2010. Funding for schools has decreased by a full 15% in recent years while running costs have increased significantly. This is a reduction of €30 x 426 pupils = €12,780 for us.
  • The failure to reintroduce the Minor Works Grant has been noted with disappointment.

Book Rental Scheme

Your daughter is using text books rented from the school and I would ask that she would mind them carefully please. Ensure your daughter does not write on the books. We will collect them at the end of the school year for use by the next group of girls. To date we have purchased SESE books for 3rd to 6th classes.

TUSLA (Educational Welfare Services Child and Family Agency)Established 01/01/2014

It is a requirement for schools to report absences of 20 days or more to TUSLA which now incorporates the National Education Welfare Board (NEWB). Under this arrangement, we must also categorise the reason for each absence, hence the importance of sending in a written note to the Class Teacher explaining why your daughter has been absent, on every occasion. The absence note should be on a separate page, and not in your daughter’s homework journal, because the Class Teacher will have to retain it for reference. There are four reporting periods in the year. Please note that reports are cumulative from the start of the school year. As a matter of courtesy you will be notified in writing if your daughter is recorded on the NEWB form. Please see www.newb.ie for further details.

  • Holidays during term are not encouraged. Neither is it the policy of the school to set ‘holiday work’ for pupils. Attendance at school is very important and the work of the school continues right up to the end of June each year. If family holidays during term time are unavoidable, please inform your child’s Class Teacher in writing, in advance of the proposed absence from school.

Board of Management Update -Completion of School Heating Project

Refurbishment of the school’s heating system was completed in 2012. However a shortfall of some €60,000 arose, (the difference between the Government’s grant award and the final costs of the project). Since then, some €30,000 has been provided by parents and supporters to offset this amount through the great fund-raising initiatives of Claire Roddy and Bernadette Hollingsworth. Alongside this, the school has been able to deliver a further contribution of €30,000 as a result of the significant heating cost savings over the past 2 years together, and additional funding for capital projects provided by the Government. As a result the deficit on the heating project has been eliminated. Thank you so much for all your support and congratulations to all!

No resting on our laurels: Our school has always sought to be at the forefront in bringing IT into the classroom. Between networks, servers, desktops, laptops, whiteboards, printers and peripherals, over €250,000 has been invested in IT in the school over many years. This is equivalent to that of a medium sized company. The bulk of this funding has come from normal school resources and financial support from the Parents’ Association. Because we have been at this for a number of years the reliability of some of our early equipment purchases (dating from 2007) is reducing. The Board is looking to progressively upgrade older computers while continuing to expand IT technology in the school. We will be relying on the contributions of parents to do this as the Government provides no funding for computer system operations or maintenance. Buíochas mór – a huge thank you for your support to date. Please continue to support the activities of the Parents’ Association and Board to ensure your daughters continue to benefit from a high quality IT system in their classrooms.

Garda Vetting

In line with Circular 0063/2010 Recruitment procedures – requirements for Garda Vetting, any parent wishing to volunteer with any school activity needs to be Garda Vetted. I would appreciate if you could return the form you received to the school if you are interested in volunteering for any such activity e.g. bookclub, library, credit union, bookfair, school outing/tours, car lifts … You will then be given a Garda Vetting form to complete.

Update from the Child Abuse Prevention programme

The process of updating and revising the Stay Safe programme for primary schools is well advanced at this stage and a new programme should be ready for schools by September 2015. Feedback is requested about the programme, and the programme co-ordinators would appreciate if you would complete the online survey for parents (It takes just a few minutes to complete).

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/StaySafeParentsSurvey .

Stay Safe website www.staysafe.ie

Michael Flattery


The Child Abuse Prevention Programme,

Bridge House, Cherry Orchard Hospital,

Dublin 10.

Tel: (01) 6206347      Email: staysafe@pdst.ie

Diary Dates

Parent Teacher Meetings

  • Thursday 13th November 2014
  • Meetings will commence at 2.30 p.m. and end at 5.00 p.m. (last appointment 4.50p.m.)

Christmas Show

Dáta Am Seomra
Tuesday 9th December 9.30a.m. 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
Wednesday 10th December 9.30a.m. 6, 8, 9,10 & Portacabin
Thursday 11th December 9.30a.m. 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15

Christmas Service

  • Wednesday 17th December 11.30a.m. St. Gabriel’s Church

First Sacrament of Reconciliation: St. John’s Church 1.30p.m.

Monday 9th March 2015: Ms. Egan

Tuesday 10th March 2015: Ms. Rowley

Wednesday 11th March 2015: Mrs de Burca/Ms. Foley

First Holy Communion: Saturday 9th May 2015 11.00a.m.

St. Gabriel’s Church: Ms. Rowley & Ms. Egan

St. John’s Church: Mrs. de Burca/Ms. Foley

Photographs on Monday, 11th May 2015

Parking and Stopping

May we remind you to respect the ‘no stopping’ zone outside the school gates and also to keep our neighbours’ gateways clear at all times. For your daughter’s safety and your own, please always use the small pedestrian entrance gate to the school rather than the wider vehicle entrance.

Friendship FocusFriendship Focus

We focused on the theme of “Friendship” recently. Ask your daughter what activities were carried out in her class. The message of tolerance and respect for others was reiterated at our school assembly on Wednesday 22nd October

Reminders for the girls

  • Be on time in the morning i.e. be in by 8.50am
  • Park scooters and bikes around the back of the school in designated area –please do not take/borrow/use another girls bike/scooter without their permission
  • Wear correct school uniform – white or navy socks, white polo top and tracksuit only on PE days, or if you are playing basketball, tennis or football after school.
  • Healthy lunch le do thoil– no crisps allowed
  • Reporting incidents of bullying is not telling tales (Bullying is repeated incidents)
    • Say no/I don’t like that, get away and tell the teacher or someone you trust

DÉAN DO DHÍCHEALL!       (DO YOUR BEST!)                        

Bain taitneamh as an saoire and see you on Monday 3rd November.

Le gach dea ghuí,                                   

Anne McCarthy,      Príomhoide

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Junior Boys’ Parents’ Association

The Junior Infants Boys’ Parents Association are inviting all parents to attend a talk titled “A Vision for Life” by Brian McGeough on Wednesday 12th November at 8pm, in the Junior Boys’ School. The talk provides insights and suggestions on how best to look at our children’s overall vision for the future, not just in the context of their academic future but the whole rounded picture. Brian McGeough is an experienced learning and development specialist who has facilitated hundreds of parenting workshops across Europe.