We were so lucky to have Ms Cafferty teach our class for 3 weeks before Easter.

We created marvellous Mother’s Day cards.

In Maths, we surveyed the whole class about topics like favourite authors and favourite sweets. We displayed our results with these beautiful bar charts.

During our Geography lesson, we created instruments to measure weather. Can you figure out what we used to make these rain gauges and wind anenometers?

We made these brilliant bunnies and eggciting (hee hee!) Easter clay shapes during our Art lesson.

In History, we studied the Ancient Egyptians, and wrote our names using hieroglyphics.

We watched this zany video to find out awesome facts about Ancient Egypt.

We created images of ourselves as Ancient Egyptian goddesses.

We’ve had an especially active few weeks. Lots of us have been enjoying Athletics on the astroturf on Wednesday mornings, thanks to Ms Furness and the teachers on the Active Schools Committee.

Will, from Clontarf GAA, developed our skills with lots of fun and engaging games.

Shane and Zack, from Clontarf Cricket Club came to coach us too.

Congratulations to Amelie, Erin and Layna, who won our class Book Review/Dear Diary competition.