Learn about what Global Citizenship means and what the 17 Global Goals/Sustainable Development Goals are. 🌍💚

Below is the list of Green Girls for this year 2022. Our Green Girls play an important role in maintaining our current flags and helping the school to work towards its next flag. Belgrove Senior Girls’ School currently holds five Green School flags. They are Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity. Our school is due to work towards our next flag, Global Citizenship- Litter and Waste. Girls are encouraged to reduce waste and recycle where possible. It is also fantastic to see so many girls and teachers walking, scooting, cycling and skateboarding to school this year. Maith sibh, and keep up the good work everybody!

We had a fantastic first Green School Committee meeting with our Green Girls today. We got to meet each other, we discussed some of our aims for the rest of this year and we raised our most recently earned flag -Biodiversity, with Derek’s help. Thank you very much Derek for joining us for this. The girls also received their first task of educating their classes on what materials can be put into our classroom recycling bins. I can’t wait to see your posters (list) which are to be stuck onto your classroom recycling bin!!

Check out some of the photos from today, raising our 5th green flag – Biodiversity Flag!! Maith sibh a chailíní, tá sibh ar fheabhas!!! 👏