Most recently the girls celebrated World book day. We all got dressed up as characters from our favourite books, check out the pictures in the photo gallery. We also had our annual Book Review competition. The standard in Room 4 was very high. Mr. Dilleen had a very difficult time picking just one winner. Congratulations to Eleanor Byrne on her Book Review on AniMalcolm by David Baddiel.


The girls really enjoyed participating in the Virtual Science Event with the Rediscovery Centre. This involved hands on experiments testing materials to see if they were acids or bases using Red Cabbage water as an indicator.

Earlier in the year we were exploring how it is easier to float in salty water than in fresh water. Can you predict how many spoons of salt you would need to add to 100ml of water to make a grape float? Now, how many do you think you would need to get a paper clip to float? Guess what, we had to give up ! Do you know why? Finally we also explored how soluble various different items in the Kitchen cupboard are.

ST VALENTINES DAY ART – Love is in the air!