This month, we said ‘Slán’ to our principal Mrs McCarthy. We were delighted to sing ‘Amhrán na gCupán‘ for her. Have you seen the video of our classroom performance on Seesaw? We also wrote letters of welcome to Mr Dilleen, our new principal.

We started the month by celebrating St Brigid’s Day, on 1st February. The St Brigid’s crosses our class made during our Art lesson looked fantastic on the school’s Religion noticeboard.

In Maths, we studied 3D shapes with Ms O’Toole. We created 3D shapes, using play-doh to represent corners (vertices) and matchsticks to represent the edges. Can you spot the square based pyramid, the triangular prism or the cube?

We also used mirrors to investigate Symmetry.

We had another awesome author talk with Lindsay J Sedgwick, who wrote the Wulfie series. She showed us how we could create interesting characters, by choosing an animal, a colour and a super power. She inspired us to write a comic style story on our storyboards. Here are just some of them.

An ndeachaigh? Chuaigh / Ní dheachaigh. Sa cheacht Gaeilge, rinneamar abairtí agus pictiúir fíor dheas.

Love was in the air during our Art lesson, when we created these beautiful Valentine’s cards for the people we love most.

We watched videos about Saint Valentine, to discover the origins of this special day.

In English, during Literary Circle time, we have introduced a new challenge: Teach your partner an interesting word from this week’s reading, and its meaning. Then she draws a picture to demonstrate the meaning.

We read about the inventor and explorer, Jacques Cousteau, in Moon and Back, our English textbook. Here are some videos telling about his life.

In Science we’ve been learning about the Heart. We had fun when the class acted out the Circulatory System: the blood went from the body (dropping off Oxygen, picking up Carbon Dioxide), to the heart, to the lungs (dropping off Carbon Dioxide, picking up Oxygen), to the body. Thank you to Aisling, who brought in a model of a heart that she made at her Science Club!

We also did an online Science workshop with the Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun. We used red cabbage water as a pH indicator. We used the pH scale to figure out if various substances were acid, base or neutral. We mixed acids and bases to see what might happen.

Tá sceitimíní áthas orainn faoi Glór na bPáistí, the school’s new student council. There were so many applications for the job of class representative, and lots of suggestions for how we could make the school a better place for everyone. We’re delighted that Emma and Julia will represent our class this year.

Our beautiful artwork, displayed outside our classroom.
Our Water is Wonderful display in our cloakroom.