We thought of those who are no longer with us, with this beautiful Garden of Remembrance. It made us smile to share happy memories of them during our Religion lesson.

In our English lesson, we read about the Moon landing in 1969.

We also learned about the Golden Record, which was sent into Space in 1977, with images and recording from Planet Earth. We wrote our own messages, and listed images and sounds that we would send into Space any aliens to interpret.

In Geography, we studied the Sun. We loved listening to this Storybots song.

Amelie and Layna learned all of the words by heart and performed an awesome dance to accompany the rap in front of the class.

We created a bright display of super facts about the Sun.

In History, we watched this great video about the Greek legend of Icarus, who flew too close to the Sun.

We played Summary Bingo, and then planned a written summary on our whiteboards. Our summaries were so good, that we just had to make them into Summary Storyboards. Here are just a few of them…

During Science Week, we conducted lots of Light experiments to explore Refraction.

We also investigated whether materials were opaque, translucent or transparent.

We did PE in the school garden and garden room, before the weather turned really chilly.

Rinne gach grúpa teach álainn sa cheacht Gaeilge! Cé mhéad seomra atá ann? Cad atá sa seomra codlata agus sa chistin?

Is breá linn éisteacht le amhráin as Gaeilge i rith am lóin sa seomra ranga. Is maith linn na trí amhráin seo.