The title of your next solo project is Great Britain. It is due on Monday 20th December. We will continue to research and read about Great Britain in school. You will be given time in class and homework time to complete it.

A good project is easy to read and the information is presented neatly.  Here are some guidelines to help you.

  • Your project should be 3 or 4 pages of an A3 scrapbook.
  • Choose 4 topics to write about.
  • You can find your information in your SESE copy, ‘Small World’, websites, books, newspapers or magazines
  • Your project information must be written in your own words, so paraphrase when you can.
  • Your project must include a map of Great Britain, showing countries, cities, rivers and mountains. You should include at least 3 other pictures or diagrams. They can be drawn or printed.
  • Include a bibliography at the end, which is a list of where you found your information.

Here are some ideas of topics to include:

  1. What countries make up Great Britain? What are the capital cities?
  2. Physical Geography: Rivers, lakes, mountains, seas
  3. Famous landmarks or tourist attractions
  4. Flag of Great Britain and of England, Scotland and Wales. What do they symbolise (what do the colours/pictures mean)?
  5. Money
  6. Sport
  7. History that involves England, Scotland or Wales
  8. The Royal Family (Monarchy)Famous people from Great Britain ( pop stars, politicians, sports stars, authors)
  9. Animals
  10. Food
  11. Festivals and traditions
  12. Brexit
  13. School and education
  14. Languages
  15. Music
  16. Industry and trade (what they make and what they buy/sell)
  17. Transport
  18. Communication (post, telephone)

Useful Websites:

Please monitor your daughter carefully when using the Internet. These websites have been checked for suitability, but navigation away from them may not be safe for her.