We are so excited about Christmas in Room 9!

Throughout the month, we have been visited by Caoimhe, an elf of kindness. None of us have spotted her (though Alessia, Tess and Alex thought they spied a red figure near teacher’s laptop one Friday) but we really look forward to finding her gold envelopes. She has been setting us kindness challenges.

The whole class learned two Christmas poems and a song. Everyone embraced the acting part they were assigned, and used their creativity to come up with fabulous costumes, extra lines and dance moves. The first time we tried to record our performances in the school garden, we were accompanied by the sound of a chainsaw. Thankfully, the second time, you could just hear our beautiful voices. You can check out our performances on Seesaw (under Student Announcements).

We’ve done so much Art this month. We created beautiful Advent wreaths to mark the countdown to Christmas.

We used washi tape, felt and fluffy pompoms to create these wintry scenes.

It took careful measurement, drawing and cutting, but these festive tote bags are TOTES amaze!

We designed these fabulous Christmas jumpers, and put them on our Strength People to keep them cosy in our well ventilated classroom! Before bringing them home, we used pipe cleaners to make coat hangers to hang them from the Christmas tree.
Look at the awesome cribs that we made using lollipop sticks and matchsticks.

To paint the skies of our wintry landscapes, we mixed paint to explore colour tones.

We used the leftover green painted paper to create lovely Christmas cards.

During our Geography lessons, we researched Great Britain using our atlases and our Small World Geography books. We also researched the websites on the Class Blog Great Britain project post using the school laptops. Everyone enjoyed presenting their projects to the class, before reflecting on their learning with the Great Britain Project self assessment.

During our History lesson, we read the story of The Salmon of Knowledge in our Small World History books. Then we watched the story as told by the storytellers of Candlelit Tales.

In groups, we compared and contrasted the book and video versions using Venn diagrams.

In Maths, we discussed Chance, how possible it is that something might happen. We enjoyed using our imagination and creativity to conjure up statements that we categorised as Certain, Probable, Possible and Impossible.

We were all delighted to hear Ella’s wonderful news. She collaborated with her sister, Sarah, to write a fabulous story called, The Magic Glasses. Their story won the Specsavers Children’s Story Competition 2021. Their prize includes a hamper of books and €500 worth of books for our school library. Congratulations, Ella and Sarah!

It’s been a challenging year in many ways. However we really enjoyed discussing our Rainbow Moments of 3rd Class so far in our SPHE lesson. We can improve our Well Being by training our minds to notice all the little positive parts of each day.

We look forward to having even more Rainbow Moments in 2022.

Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir!