Project work for November

Hi girls! This month we have a lot of project work going on!

For your mini – project on Animals of the Antarctic you have been given a framework of all the information you need. This is due on 13.11.2020.

The group project on Tom Crean that you have been assigned will take a little more work. Your group has been given a topic, and you can divide it up between yourselves. Your project can be a poster, a powerpoint presentation or a combination of these. Just remember that you will have to present your project to the class and will need information to hand. Check out the assigned activity on Seesaw to see more information.

Here’s a link to a video that explains how to make a diorama –

I’ve attached a link to the website that we looked at in school – just remember to have a grown-up’s permission!

Here’s a few others that look good –

This group project is due on 20.11.2020 – any questions, just ask! Enjoy!!