During the month of October we celebrated Maths Week in the school.  Each classroom had to design their own personal Maths door. The girls designed our Maths door using lots of colourful shapes monsters, numbers and maths symbols. They did a brilliant job! Maith Thú a chailíní 😃👏 

Through out the week we celebrated maths each day with a ‘Problem of the Day’. We played different addition and subtraction maths games using our dice and we went on our own Maths Trail around the school searching for different types of 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, lines and estimating and measuring distances.

The girls also participated in their own Maths Scavenger Hunt at home.  They had to look for leaves, twigs, flowers and shapes at home and post their findings on Seesaw.  Well done girls for all your hard work this week ✨👍