We have been working hard in maths this month. We are learning about fractions. We have been using fraction wheels and fraction walls to compare fractions- identifying equivalent fractions and ordering them on a number line.

Here are some games to revise the concepts at home;



We have been using cubes, drawing pictures and creating number sentences to solve problems finding a FRACTION OF A NUMBER. This is a concept that we have spent a lot of time on and are continuing to work on. We have been DIVIDING the whole number into EQUAL groups.

Here is a game to help revise this at home;


We created pictures using fractions.

Useful language when using fractions: fractions, equivalent, equal, the same value, bigger/smaller, amount, divide, numerator, denominator, half, third, quarter, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth, tenth, twelfth, whole unit.

*As always, it is advised that the girls be supervised when using the internet.