Hi everyone,

We had a jampacked Maths Week in Room 3! The girls were really enthusiastic all week and we had great fun! 🎲

We engaged in various activities throughout the week such as maths games, maths trails, maths art, Tables Champion and solving maths problems. The girls did amazing work on Seesaw too completing a Maths Scavenger Hunt at home during the week! We also designed our door for a whole school competition. We are very proud of the acrostic poem we created all together in Room 3. 😊

We ended the week with Mrs. Mc Carthy announcing the prize winners over the intercom for the whole school to hear! Congratulations to Sarah who was our Tables Champion in Room 3 and to Alex who was our Maths Star of the Week. All the girls made a super effort all week. Maith sibh cailíní!! 👏

Have a look below to see ‘sum’ of the things we got up to!