We had great fun during Maths Week, the competitive spirit of room 4 pupils and teacher came truly alive!!! And our hard work paid off as we were named 3rd class Maths Door Champions! I’m sure all the parents could hear our screams from their houses and offices!

We enjoyed using Maths in Art. PE and English. There was a great atmosphere as lots of Maths puzzles and games were also played.

Look at the 2-d shapes Lucy sewed! WOW 🙂

Tables Champ

The competition for Tables Champ in room 4 was fierce. This year the girls had to play using addition subtraction tables which was so tricky! Well done to our Tables Champ who made it 2 in a row!!!!

Maths Star

The Maths Star award is for the pupil who tried her hardest all week long in all areas of Maths: tables, sums, games, art and PE. And as usual she did it with a smile on her face! 🙂

2-d Shape Monsters

Well done to Síofra and Natalie who’s 2-D shape monsters were superb! All of the pictures are hanging on the corridor for the whole school to see.

2-D Shape Monsters by Room 4