Hi girls,

Happy Sports Day to you all! I hope you all are extra active today and enjoy yourselves! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day too! 😊

I’m sure you all have plenty of your own ideas to keep active so feel free to use your own. Here are some more suggestions:

  • Dance along to your favourite routines on GoNoodle – or even make up your own dance routine.
  • Joe Wick’s PE lessons are really fun and great to get all of your muscles moving!
  • Go for a walk/jog/run/scoot/cycle with your family.
  • Have sprint races/relays with your siblings.
  • Grab a skipping rope and try to get as skips in a row as you can.
  • You can try out some yoga – CosmicKidsYoga on YouTube or GoNoodle both have easy routines to follow.
  • Spell Your Name PE – see picture below.
  • Choose activities from the Active Choice Board – see picture below.
  • Long Jump – mark where you land and try and jump further the next time. (Remember the proper jumping and landing positions from our PE classes.)
  • Target Practice – throw objects into a bucket, hoop, etc. Take a step back each time and see if you can reach the target from a further distance.
  • Egg and Spoon Races – use a small ball/round object to save the eggs!! 😊
  • Dribble a basketball/Hop and Solo a football for as long as you can or while running between objects laid out in the garden.
  • Partake in an obstacle course like the one below – or you can also create your own obstacles!! 😊

Here are some more ideas for you to look at, if the weather is not participating with our Sports Day plans!! 😊

Draw your own sporting scene picture.

Have a fantastic, fun and active day girls. Make sure you let me know what you’re getting up to on Seesaw! 😊

Chat soon,

Ms. Mason 🤗