Hi girls,

Welcome back to another week of working from home. I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and wore plenty of suncream – how fabulous is this weather?! We are so lucky!! 😎☀

You will find your plan for this week below. Friday would have been Sports Day in Belgrove, so we want you to be as active as possible on Friday at home – that’s means – NO SCHOOLWORK!! 🤗 Check back here on the blog or on Seesaw for some fun ideas to help keep you active at home!

I was very impressed by all of your fantastic work on Seesaw last week girls. Please keep it up – I absolutely love seeing it all! 😊

Don’t forget to send me your project on the Solar System, if you did not send it on Friday! The projects I received were fantastic girls and so well presented – you have taught me so much about all of the planets! 😊👏

Have a wonderful week girls. Learn lots, help out at home, enjoy the sunshine and be extra active!

Chat soon,

Ms. Mason 😊