Hi girls,

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable and active Sports Day on Friday! I loved seeing what some of you got up to on Seesaw – it looked like so much fun!!

This week’s plan includes work that we have missed in our workbooks during the school closure. The good thing about workbook activities is that they are designed for you to work independently! Make sure you read the information, instructions and questions carefully before answering! Take your time agus déan do dhícheall! 😊 Remember everyone’s house is very different these days – do as much as you can each day! Some tasks can be completed orally too! 😊

Don’t forget to find that quiet, bright and comfortable place to work in – it will make your school work much easier and you will also get your work done much quicker, without any distractions!! 😄

I know you are all working hard and I am very proud of you all! I have seen a lot of fantastic work on Seesaw. Don’t forget to keep sending your work – I love seeing every single piece!! 😀 

Have a fantastic week cailíní,

Ms. Mason 😊🌸