Hi girls,

Our next project is based on the Solar System. You have TWO weeks to complete this project – it will be due Friday 29th of May. It should be a minimum of 2 A4/scrapbook pages.

You should include interesting facts, pictures, diagrams and information about the Solar System as a whole. You could also dedicate a half page/full page to one planet in particular or the planet that you find the most interesting.

I am attaching two pages from your SESE Small World book to get you started – you will find some interesting facts here and some pictures which might inspire your own drawing!

These fact cards offer lots of detail about the Sun and all of the planets. This will help with your research!

The following websites offer amazing information and detailed pictures all about the Solar System. Have a look through some of them, with parental supervision.







I can’t wait to see all of your fantastic projects girls! If you have any questions, you can ask me on Seesaw! 🙂

Happy Researching!!!

Chat soon,

Ms. Mason 🙂