Hi girls! 🙂

Welcome back to another week of working from home! We all know this week should be a very special one! It’s very sad that we can’t all be together to celebrate your First Holy Communion this week, but don’t worry, there are a few special treats and surprises in store for you this week instead! 🙂

Below you will find your plan of work for this week – you will find your first surprise inside the plan! 🙂

You can also keep working on these fun STEM Challenges too if you have the time and equipment at home! 🙂

I am really impressed with all the fabulous work I am receiving on Seesaw girls – keep it up! I am so proud of you all!! Don’t forget I am available on Seesaw if you have any questions about your work. Your parents can also email me with any questions or to send some of your work on schoolclosure2ndclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie – don’t forget to put my name in the subject line! 🙂

Have a fabulous week girls! I am thinking of you all and missing you all loads!!!
Chat soon,

Ms. Mason 🙂