Hi girls,

I hope you all had an extra special weekend and enjoyed 2nd Class Day! Did you see many posters around Clontarf? You must have felt so popular!! 🙂

Here we are again – another week of working from home. The weeks are flying by!! You’ll find your plan for this week below. Remember to dean do dhícheall and do as much as you can. 🙂

You will need the following pages for your Busy at Maths work this week. *Reminder – you do not need to print these out – if you have access to a device/computer for a few minutes, you can answer the questions in your copy. Remember to line your page correctly and place the question number in the margin! 🙂

Your SESE project information will be in a separate blog, which will be posted here on the website tomorrow morning (Monday 18th).

Looking forward to hearing from you all on Seesaw again this week! Keep up the great work – I am super proud of you girls! 🙂

Chat soon,

Ms. Mason 🙂