Hi girls,

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break, enjoyed some yummy Easter eggs and spent some time out in the lovely sunshine! It’s a pity that we’re not back in school this week, but the most important thing at the moment is that we’re keeping safe and well.

I have really enjoyed reading some of the lovely emails I received over the last while and I’m so impressed with the work that is being completed at home – well done to everyone (give yourselves a pat on the back)! I will reply to all emails over the next few days – keep sending the fantastic work!

Similar to before the Easter break, I have linked a plan for the week to guide you through your work.  As I always say – do your best, remember that the plan is just a guide and complete what you can. Go along with what works best for you and don’t forget to take active breaks throughout the day!

When completing your work remember to:

  1. Work at a table neatly and quietly.
  2. Have your books, copies and pencil case organised (if you do not have all copies/books home- don’t panic! Complete your work in a new copy or on a sheet. Keep your work neat and tidy- I can’t wait to see it all!)
  3. Think in your head, how would Ms. Daly like me to do it?
  4. It is fine if you can’t complete something, move onto the next thing and come back to it later. If you still cannot do it, don’t worry 🙂
  5. Self-assess your work. Give yourself a smiley face at the end of the page if you have done your best 🙂
  6. Take breaks – have a snack, do some go noodle or get some fresh air!
  7. Déan do dhícheall/ Do your best

If you have any questions about the work or if you would like to send me on some pictures of your work, you or your parents can contact me by emailing schoolclosure2ndclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie. I’d be delighted to hear from you! Make sure to put my name in the subject line.

I hope you all have a great week and as always, make sure to stay safe, keep up all the great work, help out at home, play lots of games and be the fantastic girls that I know you all are! 🙂

I miss you all and can’t wait until we are all back in school together again.

Chat soon!

Ms. Daly 🙂

Daily plans Monday 20th April – Friday 24th April.

Mental Maths Answers – Week 27#


COVID 19 time capsule.