Hi cailíní,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and that you all have been enjoying the fabulous sunshine! I wonder who from Room 3 ate the most chocolate?! 🙂

Welcome back to our third term of school – only one more term left of 2nd Class. We’re getting old girls!!

Below you will find the list of work for you to complete this week. Our plan has changed a little, making some activities shorter, leaving more time for you to enjoy our fabulous weather. Hopefully you are all well rested after the holidays and ready to dig in to the work! However, if you are finding something a little tricky, take a break and come back to it later. If it is still too difficult, just do what you can. Remember to find that bright, comfortable and quiet place to work and always déan do dhícheall! 🙂

Plan of work for 20th – 24th April

We also are including some additional, but optional work below for those who require or want it, when you have the weekly plan completed.

Optional, Additional Work

16. 2020_Covid-19_Time_Capsule


Don’t forget you or your parents can contact me by email if you need anything at all. If you would like to send me some of your work, I’d be delighted to see it. Also, don’t forget to keep checking the blog for any further updates from me this week!

Remember, your moms and dads might be back working from home this week too if they had some time off for Easter – so make sure to help out at home as much as you can, do your best to work independently as they will have a lot of work and housework to do and most importantly, give them lots of cuddles to say thanks for all their help!

Keep washing those hands, stay safe and hopefully we’ll see each other very soon.

Chat soon girls,

Ms. Mason 🙂