Well Ladies – Easter Holidays have finally arrived!

The last few weeks have been very strange indeed and all our lives have changed a lot temporarily. I know lots of you must be really missing your friends, classroom and yard time. (I wonder is anyone missing the homework?) I’ve been stuck here at home too, trying to get school work done in the kitchen – it’s not easy as my doggy barks at every single thing!!

You’re going to be free of schoolwork for the next two weeks, but you still have access to Mangahigh if you’re a litte bored. I’ve included the answers to the maths that was assigned this week, the rest we will have to try to correct when we get back.  There’s also a website called Duolingo that offer free langauge classes and the Gaeilge seems to be fairly accurate from what I have seen so far. It might be worth a look? There’s also a TV show that I was looking at the other day for you on TG4 called ‘Ár bia ar slí’. It’s a kid’s cookery show. I’m not sure what you all think of RTE School on Line – I’d love to hear! Maybe you could be a TV critic and let me know via e-mail? Mrs Brodie has also included a link to services at local churches in her blog so that you can catch Easter Sunday Mass if you or your family would like that.

All of us teachers are really missing being in the classroom with our girls and teaching you lots of fun new things. Hopefully we will all be back there very soon! For the near future however, I’m inviting you to email me over some pictures of your work. This could be something that you are really proud of, something you would like me to give you feedback on or even something that you found tricky. The new e-mail for this time of school closure is:

schoolclosure5thclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie (Please pop my name into the Subject box).

I’d love to see three pieces of work from you all!! If you haven’t access to the internet or a way of taking a picture, that’s ok – I’ll catch up with you when we get back!

Girls, I know this is a hard time for everyone. People are cooped up together at home, and sometimes this can be hard to manage. Can I ask you all to be your best at this time? Please try help your grown up as much as you can, help out with the younger siblings if you can and don’t forget to make time for fun. I’m really looking forward to getting back to school and catching up on ‘Aon scéal, aon nuacht’ with you all! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all very soon!


Take care, look after yourselves, have an absolutley fantastic Easter Break and don’t eat too much chocolate at once!


See you ASAP,


Ms. Carroll

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