Hi girls,


Here’s a list of work to keep you going until 29th March. Remember that your layout for maths is as important as the answer. Find yourself a work space and try to stay organised! Give everything your very best effort! I’ll keep in contact with you over the blog while we are off.

English Jolly Phonics

Page 44 – 51 (1 page per day)




Unit 35 (pg 150, activities pg 154 & 155)





Continue reading the novel, at least 6 pages per day.

Complete one Novel Prompt per day


Go with the Flow (Handwriting) 1 page per day

(Working towards your Pen Licence!)



Gaeilge Abair Liom (without listening activities!)


Lch 108, 110, 113, 116, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123

Maths Mental Maths – Week 23 & 24


Busy at Maths; Weight Chapter 25 pg. 135-139



SESE Complete Project work (on paper or powerpoint)


Choose from Holland (The Netherlands) or Poland

Your project must include:

–        Fact File

–        Physical features

–        Cities, towns

–        Culture

–        Food

–        Clothes


Music Learn the following hymns off by heart:

Joy for all the Earth, Cloud’s Veil, A Mhuire Mháthair, Lamb of God, Song of Confirmation, Come Holy Spirit, Holy Holy, Gather Round.

PE 30 minute activity of your choice daily
ART Draw/Create some art of your choice.

Be Creative! 😊

See you soon!


Ms. Carroll