Hi girls,

I hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well! I’m really missing all the fun and laughter…and of course the learning in Room 3! I can’t wait to hear all of what you’ve been doing to keep yourselves entertained at home!

You will see the new plan of work for this week below. It might look like a lot of work but we promise it really isn’t. After all, we’re really nice teachers!! 🙂

Each subject should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Everybody works at a different pace and all of our homes are busier now, so it is ok if it takes some of us a little longer to complete – just remember what we always say to you – dean do dhícheall or do your best! Also, don’t forget your brain breaks!

I am attaching the list as a PDF here if you would like to print it off to tick/highlight the work as you go, to keep you on track. I will also add the links required for your work below, incase the links in the PDF won’t work for you. I am adding the links to your SESE project as pictures below as some families have had trouble accessing the links.

Plan of work for 30th March – 3rd April

I’ll check in with you later in the week with some extra fun activities that you can complete at the end of the week – only if you have this list completed early – so don’t forget to keep checking the blog.

Have a good week girls! Make sure to stay safe, keep up the hard work, help out at home, play lots of games and be the kind, helpful and fantastic girls that I know you all are!

Miss you all,

Ms. Mason 🙂


Maths Online Games:


  • Log onto folensonline.ie with the log in information we previously sent to your parents to access the resources.


SESE Project Links