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Happy Monday Ladies!!!

Welcome back to another week of ‘Home School’!

Did you know that lots of children all over the world are home-schooled all the time? I have to say that I’m really missing our classroom and everyone in it, hopefully we are all back together soon! (And then I can catch up on all the homework I wanted to give – I’m joking!)

This week is our last week of school before the Easter break and I’ve put together a plan of work for the week for you all. PLEASE remember that everyone works at a different pace, and what works in your home might be different with what works in somebody else’s home. Try to fit in with what works best in your house and with the people who are at home with you.  The recommended time for maths is 50 minutes, English 60 minutes and Gaeilge 45 minutes. You should be spending around three hours per week on SESE, but try to work with what goes with best with everyone at home. If you’re finding work hard, give it a go, try your best, but don’t be worried about it, take a break and come back to it. Remember what we say in class – whatever you get done, you get done. You’re better to do a smaller bit well than rush through a ton of work, if you don’t get everything completed, that’s ok once you try your best.

The schedule that I popped up last week may be of help to you. Remember to take regular breaks and try get in a bit of exercise/physical activity. If you’re finding things a little tough, try the Bubble breathing.


Ok – here’s the work!! Click on the link, if you have a printer, it might help to print it off and cross off what you have completed.

Week 3

Art suggestions


Easter baskets   How to draw a face Duplication drawing exercise Last Supper Art


SESE WWII project

Religion (There’s three sets of these, easiest, harder, hardest – do whichever you think suits best!)

Easter Comprehension

Look after yoursleves girls – see you all soon,


Ms. Carroll