Hi all,

I know you all worked so hard over the past two weeks so maith sibh cailíní! 🙂 Just a quick check in with the answers to this week’s Mental Maths.

Mental Maths Answers – Week 26

I am sure you have heard that we will not be back to school next week, so Ms. Daly, Ms. Duffy and I have been planning something fun for all 2nd classes to do. We have created a new daily plan for you all. Don’t forget to find that bright, comfortable and quiet place we talked about and also to take a few brain breaks to help you work better!

Make sure you continue to read daily – especially when reading is not included on the daily plan. You all have plenty of books at home to keep yourselves entertained!

If you do not have access to a printer for any of the attached worksheets/links in the coming days or weeks, write the answers into your copy or on a sheet, etc. You will be helping the environment and Mrs. O Toole will be delighted with our efforts of being a green school!!

Continue to self-correct and self-assess your own work. I will continue to put up the answers to our Mental Maths and some other workbooks. Remember to:

  • Use good expression and tone when reading aloud
  • Use the COPS strategy when writing
  • Use the smiley-face assessment tool in our handwriting books.
  • Also, don’t forget to keep your focus on your spelling when you are writing in your workbooks, copies and of course, in your free-writing stories. Use the spelling checklist attached in your self-assessment.

Spelling Checklist

If you have any questions at all about the work, you or your parents can contact me by emailing schoolclosure2ndclass@belgroveseniorgirls.ie – I’d be delighted to hear from you! Make sure you put my name in the subject line.

Keep up the good work girls! I am very proud of you all!

I will put the plan for the week on the blog on Sunday evening – so you will be ready to go from Monday morning.

Have a lovely weekend!

Talk soon,

Ms. Mason 🙂