Hi girls! 🙂

I hope you are all well and settling into your new learning environment. Remember to find a quiet, bright and comfortable place to work in and to take lots of active breaks throughout the day!

Here are the answers to Week 25 in your Mental Maths. Please use a red pen to correct the work yourself. If you get an answer incorrect, try to figure out where you went wrong. If you’re not sure how to work it out, highlight the question and we can work on it together when we’re back at school! Don’t forget to use the R.U.D.E strategy when solving the daily problems (Read twice, Underline, Draw, Estimate).

Mental Maths Answers – Week 25

I hope we are remembering to be helpful around the house and are showing kindness to everyone at home. Don’t forget to be extra nice to our moms this weekend – maybe make a special Mother’s Day card and do a random act of kindness to show how much we appreciate all their hard work! 🙂

Keep checking the blog for any updates from me.

Chat soon,

Ms. Daly 🙂