Our school marked Catholic Schools Week, 26 th -31 st January, celebrating the theme, ‘ Living in
Harmony with God’s Creation’.

Each morning the thought and prayer for the day was read to the whole school over the PA

Monday’s reading was by 5 th Class, Living in Harmony with God . They reminded us that we can
see the beauty of God’s world all around us if we stop and look.

Tuesday’s thought and prayer were shared by 3 rd Class, Living in Harmony with our Neighbours.
By treating each other with love, mercy and kindness, we are sharing God’s love in the world.

On Wednesday 2nd Class read about the daily theme, Living in Harmony with All Generations.
Today’s daily thought reminded us that our grandparents have watched over us and cared for
us. Our grandparents can play a special role in our lives.

Thursday’s theme and prayer were read by 4th Class, Living in Harmony with the Earth. We
show love for God’s creation when we care for the Earth. We should try to use only what we
need and try to live our lives in ways that help the earth.

6th Class shared the thought and prayer on Friday, Living in Harmony in our Catholic School.
We will continue to make this school a loving place where everyone feels, safe, welcome and
cared for. Our school lives by the golden rule; to treat each other as we would like to be

Special thanks to Father Larry for giving each class a beautiful copy of the thoughts and prayers
for the week.