Maths Week

Maths Week started on Monday and there is great excitement around the school! There are so many different fun and engaging activities taking place. Some classes are doing fantastic Maths Art and decorating their doors with Maths facts. Some classes are perfecting their tables by doing ‘tables buddies’ with other classes and playing Queen of the Tables or Numero. There are Maths trails going on around the school and some classes are enjoying playing interactive Maths games on the laptops. Our school has registered to be part of Maths Week 2019. There are over 320,000 students nationwide signed up!

Here are some top tips for parents to help foster a love of Maths in their children.

  1. Encourage drawing whenever you can, especially when it comes to problem solving.
  2. Use concrete materials. Get the dried pasta or buttons out! Concrete materials can be especially useful when a new concept such as division or multiplication has been introduced.
  3. Encourage children to work on problems that are challenging to them. Ask them to talk you through their strategy for solving the problem.
  4. Try introducing your child to fun Maths puzzles.
  5. Play lots of Maths games. These can be on the computer, tables games in the car, or simple dice games.
  6. Try to always have a positive attitude towards Maths.

For more information on Maths Week and to find some fun puzzles to try at home go to