Hi all,

We had a very eventful Maths Week in Room 3! The girls were really enthusiastic all week and we had great fun!

We engaged in various activities throughout the week such as group maths games, interactive games, designing our door for a whole school competition, maths trails, maths art, Queen of the Tables, solving maths riddles, maths buddies with 5th Class girls and they also made great efforts in their homework all week creating very interesting word problems, with some humor attached too.

We ended the week at a whole school assembly where one girl from each class received a ‘Maths Award’. Congratulations to Abbie who made a super effort all week and is always willing to help others, if they are stuck on a tricky sum or word problem. Maith thú Abbie!!

Have a look below to see ‘sum’ of the things we got up to!