We studied our local area in our Geography and History lessons.

We went for a walk around Clontarf, and took note of services in the area.  We looked for services that build/repair, services that sell us things, services that keep us healthy and safe and services that teach us.  We looked at a map of Clontarf to help us to find local services.

We brainstormed about people who help us in the community, and interviewed people we know. Thanks to everyone who answered our questions!


Ms Mohan’s class visited Nolan’s Supermarket, then taught our class about all the ways that Nolan’s helps the local community.  




We looked at photos of Clontarf from before the pupils were born, way back in 2005.


The class created fabulous group projects about Clontarf.

Our Clontarf Projects

We also depicted local scenes with our Clontarf Collages.