Oral language

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Over the course of 5th class we’re going to work on our oral presentation skills. This will help us when presenting projects and other topics.

For homework, every so often, we’ll have a familiar topic to prepare and then do a one minute presentation on it in class. You’ll have to prepare bullet points on the topic in your copy and practise presenting it at home with your family.

Here are the success criteria;

eye contact with your audience

clear voice (no ’ems’ or ‘likes’)

familiar with your topic (use copy only as a guide)

good posture, with hands by your side or use hand gestures

opening and closing statement


Here are some reading questions you can ask your child before, during and after reading their library book. It is important to take the time to read with your child on a daily basis and discuss the book. Your child should read aloud to you every day. This helps with their fluency, comprehension, articulation and vocabulary skills. Please click the link to view the list of general comprehension questions.

https://kids.kiddle.co/Isles_of_Scilly (information on Scilly Isles)

https://www.visitislesofscilly.com/ (Scilly Isles)

Wreck_Zanzibar comprehension questions

Before During and After Questions for reading


Roald Dahl     J.K. Rowling    Michael Murpurgo    David Walliams

Marita Conlon-McKenna       Enid Blyton

(Jacqueline Wilson has some fantastic books for this age group, but do be aware that she also writes for teens and some of her books are inappropriate for primary school).


Here are some excellent books that 4th  & 5th  class girls have recommended;

  1. Harry Potter series
  2. Billionaire Boy
  3. Heidi
  4. Percy Jackson series
  5. The Secret Garden
  6. Mallory Towers
  7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  8. Wizards of Once
  9. The Nine Lives Triology
  10. Tom Gates
  11. Wonder
  12. Auggie and Me
  13. Black Beauty
  14. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  15. Katy
  16. The Heros of Olympus
  17. The Faraway Tree
  18. Matilda
  19. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Be aware of your own daughter’s ability when helping her choose books. Read the blurb together and discuss the choice.

Summer stars have some great tips on how to choose a book with your child, engaging reluctant readers, reading development etc.



When children come across new words in different contexts they develop a stronger understanding and a more detailed vocabulary. Try using new vocabulary from the reading in daily conversations.




Here are some activities to help you practise your spellings at home. All you do is click on the PDF link below and print out these activities. Have a spare spelling copy at home and choose one of these activity cards each evening.

Spelling activities

This is also a great website to practise your spellings through online activities and games. You have to register first for a free account (ask an adult for help with this) and then add in your list of spellings each week as you go. There is also a link for some commonly misspelled words. Practise a few a theses each evening/week using the website.


commonly misspelled words


Have fun learning to spell 🙂