The Great Famine Project

An Gorta Mór


In your project, you must include information on

  • The lead up to the famine
  • Some statistics on population/immigration
  • The British response to the famine
  • Worldwide response to the famine
  • Personal testimonies/stories either through mock letters/diary entries/newspaper articles
  • Information on daily life in Ireland Workhouses/ Soup Kitchen / Public Work Schemes/Absentee Landlords/Exports vs Imports (Choose at least three of these)

Your project can be presented through many different mediums.

Choose from each of the following (or choose both!):

  1. Poster or Display book
  2. Memory Box/Craft eg. Workhouse/Famine Cottage/Famine Ship
  • Use labelled pictures (diagrams)/pie charts and timelines to convey information

This is great place to start your research: