Hello everybody,

We have been engaging in a lot of conversation here in room 1 recently about books and how to pick a new book as this can often be a challenging task! We have been visiting the school library and reading from a range of different texts and genres.

I have linked some reading questions you can ask your daughter before, during and after reading. It is important to take the time to read with your child daily and discuss what you have read. This helps with their fluency, comprehension, articulation and vocabulary skills. Engaging in conversation after reading will check comprehension and understanding of the text.

I would encourage all students to keep a journal over the summer months where they can record new vocabulary. When children come across new words in different contexts, they develop a stronger understanding and a more detailed vocabulary. Try using new vocabulary from the reading in daily conversations!

Be aware of your own daughter’s ability when helping her choose books. Read the blurb together and discuss the choice. I have linked below the ‘five finger rule’ which can be very useful when picking a suitable book.

A huge thank you to all of the fifth-class girls in Ms Furness’ class who have been doing paired reading with us over the past few weeks. It has been another fantastic opportunity to talk about reading!!

Five finger rule poster.

Guided reading questions.

Guided reading questions 2.

Happy reading!