The class read two lovely poems about St Brigid, one of Ireland’s patron saints.  One of the poems is about the conversion of Gaelic Chieftan from paganism to Christianity

Brigid wove a cross of rushes by a dying chieftain’s bed”
“Brigid what is that you’re making
From the rushes there?”, he said.
Brigid said,”A cross I’m weaving, like the cross where Jesus died.”
“Who was Jesus?” asked the chieftain,
“Why was this man crucified?”
Brigid told the gospel story to a dying pagan King.
Lying silently he listened,
Never saying anything.
Then he kissed the cross of rushes
Saying ,”Brigid, thanks to you,
I have come to love this Jesus,
I will follow his way too!”

By Emma Finnegan

We made St Brigid’s crosses from paper.  We were very glad to have help from our visiting teacher, Ms McEllistrim, and Sophie and Éabha, TY students from Holy Faith.