Here is an update on everything that happened in room 6 in January.

New Year’s Resolutions

The girls wrote some New Year’s resolutions. I wonder if we’ll manage to stick to them?

Cursive Writing

We have been practising our cursive writing in our Write Here during term one. In term two Ms. McCarthy will be moving some girls on to cursive writing in their copies. Remember to have a good point on your pencil and to sit up properly when writing. We will continue to practise our letter formation, as some letters are harder to remember than others.

Bacteria Workshop

Cara and Clodagh from Designer Minds came to the class to do a workshop. We were learning about bacteria. We each got to grow our own bacteria in a dish.

My Life Solutions

Sarah from MyLife Solutions came to talk to us about friendship. She spoke about what makes a good friend. We identified what qualities we have that make us good friends. We then delved a bit deeper and thought about times we weren’t good friends and didn’t display these qualities. What we could do differently in future?

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week started on Monday the 28th of January. This year we focused on welcoming diversity. We completed a lovely activity where the girls wrote nice things about each other on a page. We discussed how we all have unique gifts and talents. No one is better than us at being us! We are unique and treat everyone with respect. God loves us all equally!

Gaeilge Verbs

During term one, we focused on learning the past tense ‘Aimsir Chaite’ (this is the red list on the glance card). At the beginning of the month we did a blitz revision of all the verbs we had learnt in term one.

Now we have moved on to learning the present tense verbs ‘Aimsir Láithreach’ (the yellow list on the glance card).

Present tense verbs will be learnt in the following order.

  1. An Chéád Réimniú (A-R) One syllable verbs
  2. An Dara Réimniú (A-M on the other side of the card) Two syllable verbs -a lot ending in -igh
  3. Briathra Neamhrialta (1-11) There are 11 irregular verbs

Italy Day

Italy Day is fast approaching! Lots of hard work and dedication here in room 6! The projects are looking fabulous! I’m very proud of the work the girls have put in.

Just a reminder that there is no pressure to prepare food for the day!! If the girls are bringing in food I have reminded them it can’t be heated in school. Also they have to give parents plenty of notice, i.e. not on Thursday night!

Stations Games

As part of English stations we have been playing some fantastic games to develop spelling and oral language skills. Scrabble and Bananagrams are a hit and we try to make words with four or more letters. 30 seconds for Kids is a great oral language game. You have to describe an item without mentioning its name or saying rhymes with. Scrabble might be a nice game for the girls to teach you to play at home 🙂