Last week we began long multiplication in class. Before now we have  only been multiplying by a one digit number. Now we can multiply by 2 digit numbers.  The girls have been very quick at grasping this new maths skill! Well done girls 🙂

We want to keep the steps fresh in our minds, so we will have a long multiplication sum every night for homework in January. 

Here are the steps the girls came up with;

  1. Remove the 10 from the bottom 2 digit number – now the sum is a manageable 2 digit by 1 digit sum
  2. Do this sum (as we were taught in 3rd) and cross off the unit when finished
  3. Add your hero zero on the bottom and write back in your ten
  4. Start multiplying by the unit first
  5. Add the two answers together to get the answer to the long multiplication question

(This may not make sense to those at home. These are the steps the girls came up with in class at the end of the week- ask them to explain the process when they are doing their sum for homework.)


In order to be long multiplication experts, it really helps to know your tables!! Keep revising! Below are some websites you can use to practice at home;

*Please supervise children when using the internet in case they stray from original page