As discussed in class this project will be done in groups. It will mainly be completed in school but you may be asked to do some research at home.

Projects will be displayed in poster format.

The topics to be included are;

1. Family life and homes
2. Roman army
3. Gods
4. Entertainment (Colosseum, Circus Maximus, baths etc.)
5. A timeline (don’t start this bit until next week- we have a bit more learning to do first)

You may begin researching your project. Decide how you will divide the tasks? Will one person take a topic each? Will each person do their own research and then you can combine it all together?

Remember each girl in your group should be able to talk about and explain the information on the poster.

If you have room at the end of the project you can add in your own sections e.g. Clothes, Emperors, Pompeii or Interesting Facts

The project is due 8th of February.

Italian day will be Friday 15th of February.

To help get you started;

*Supervision when using the internet is advised.

The library is also a great resource to use when doing projects. See if you can find any books that we could use in your local library.

Rome, Italy, September In Rome, Old Town