Hello everyone,

The new Green School Committee met for the first time in November and already they have been hard at work! Currently we are working on our Biodiversity flag. But what does ‘Biodiversity’ mean? The meaning of ‘Biodiversity’ is easy to understand when we break the word down; “bio” refers to life and ‘living things’ and “Diversity” means just that; range or variety. The word refers to the huge variety and variation of life that surrounds us on planet earth. Maintaining a high level of diversity among plants, animals and all living things all around us is really important in keeping the environment healthy and fit for human life.

The committee are hoping to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity. They have started by making bird feeders to encourage birds to come to our school garden and to make sure that the birds that come to the garden will get fed throughout the winter.

Aoife Hayden in 5th Class also made her own bird feeder using a milk carton filled with seed.

6th Class girls made fabulous posters highlighting the importance of biodiversity. that will be hung around the school.

Our School Garden

Ms O’Connell and her class have been working tirelessly to get our school garden back to looking its best. They have been outside weeding and have also been planting bulbs. The garden looks great thanks to all of their hard work. Well done girls!

Don’t Forget Our Other Themes!

Although we are working on the theme of biodiversity, it is important that girls don’t forget about our other themes.

                                                 Litter & Waste                   Energy                 Water                    Travel

Our Green Girls from 2nd to 5th have made posters reminding girls about these themes and they will be displayed around the school. Maith sibh cailíní! There is a Green School Suggestion Box located in the corridor if girls have any suggestions for the committee.

Our Committee 2018/2019

2nd Class

  • Ruth Feeney
  • Cara Kelly
  • Alaoise Conlon

3rd Class

  • Rachel Morrissey
  • Caoimhe Keogh
  • Leah Forde

4th Class

  • Taiya McCann
  • Mary Drury Byrne
  • Eleanor Kenny      

5th Class

  • Olivia Davey
  • Eileen McCarthy
  • Aoife Hayden
6th Class
  • Julianne MacDermott
  • Nicole Carroll
  • Natalia Ryan