We have been learning about the lungs this month in science. We have learnt lots of new words associated with the lungs such as; diaphragm, bronchus and windpipe. We labelled diagrams in our copies.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Caoimhe’s dad. He is a lung doctor and was able to answer lots of our questions. He explained that the lungs are like the luas, they transport oxygen around the body. 

We found Dr. Butler’s talk VERY interesting! After his visit teacher asked us to write a paragraph about what we discovered…..some of us wrote over an a4 page, we had so much to say!

The girls loved learning about the lungs and have found it very interesting. It is great to see them take such an interest in science at a young age. Next week we will be making our own lung model to demonstrate how the lungs work 🙂