Maths Week – 13th to 21st October 2018

Next week is Maths Week! We will be playing lots of fun games and solving problems in class. For maths week we will not be doing our usual Mental Maths homework. Instead we will be given problems to solve and fun acitivities- time to get our thinking caps on!

Every Friday we do maths stations with Ms. McCarthy and Ms. O’Toole. It’s nice to get hands on with maths. Forget the copies and books! We spend three weeks at each station.  The stations are based on measurements;

  1. Time
  2. Weight (we’re all excited about baking cookies in this group)
  3. Capacity
  4. Length


We are learning about fractions in school at the moment. We each have a sheet in our folder with a fraction wall on one side. On the other side are some activities we can try at home if we want to do some extra work on fractions. We have been using fraction sets in school to explore equivalent fractions and order fractions. Here are some websites where we can explore equivalent fractions;


Maths is all around us! Keep Maths Week going at home by asking your daughter maths related questions in daily routines. Use the clock and calendar, count up how much the shopping list will cost, weigh ingredients or observe shapes around you. A few posts back you will find a post on division. In this post I have linked tables games which the girls can play.