This week in maths we are continuing with division. We have spent time as a class looking at different ways to solve division sums- grouping, repeated subtraction, inverse of multiplication.

As I said at the information morning, a good knowledge of tables really helps in maths. At this stage the girls should be able to understand the inverse operation relationship between multiplication and division.

Useful vocabulary to use with this topic:

sharing, share equally between/among, grouping, sets, equal amount, repeated subtraction, divide, left over, remainder, how many times, exchange, divisible, factor, divisor, dividend, quotient

32 ÷ 8 = 4

32 is the dividend

8 is the divisor

4 is the quotient

Useful websites to help with learning tables:

*Please ensure your child is monitored when playing on the internet as some links may navigate away from the site